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Chat Features Overview

Make your ePlay experience more engaging and interactive by using chat features like Speed Tipping, Tip Menus, and Gifts. You can also purchase a messaging package to speak to a streamer privately. Additionally, if you're a fan of creators, Lovense interactive sex toys offer a unique and personalized experience. With Tip-Based Vibration, you can interact with your favorite creators in real-time and control their Lovense toys.

Speed Tipping

Speed tipping is a fun feature that allows you to send multiple tips to your favorite streamer in a short amount of time. It's a great way to show your support and appreciation for their content. By selecting a tip and choosing the number of times you want to send it, you can flood the chat with your tips and get noticed by the streamer. Learn More about how to Speed Tip

Tip Menus

The tip menu is a way of engaging with the streamer and allows you as the fan to curate your experience through tipping. However, remember that a streamer may be willing to go outside their tip menu. Learn more about how to use the tip menu and gifts

In addition to the tip menu, you can contribute a gift to the streamer by clicking the " Gifts " tab and selecting the gift you want to send tokens for. Learn more about how to use the tip menu and gifts

Private Messages

To speak to a streamer privately, you can purchase their messaging package. Streamers set the price for their messaging packages, so there may be some variation. Learn more about private messaging on ePlay

What is Lovense

Lovense is a line of interactive sex toys that offer a unique and personalized experience for fans of creators. Tip-Based Vibration lets fans interact with their favorite creators in real time, creating a more immersive and engaging experience. Fans can control the creators' Lovense toys, driving them wild in front of all the other fans. Once the required number of tokens is tipped, a pop-up window appears on your screen, allowing you to control the creator's toys. Learn more about Lovense

Updated on: 04/24/2023

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