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How can I get verified? What are the benefits to getting verified?

IMPORTANT: Being verified does NOT give you access to stream on ePlay! This just gives you your verified badge status so that a streamer knows that you're a trustworthy customer. If you'd like to become a streamer with ePlay, we don't ask you to pay. Apply as a streamer with the steps from this FAQ article.

We only verify PAYING users at ePlay! This helps create a valuable trustworthy bond between ePlay streamers and users.

We have limits set in place to ensure that we can protect all of our users, and we set up verification to help confirm that your transactions are to be trusted. Once you're verified, you get a blue checkmark badge next to your name. This tells a streamer that you're a trusted member of the ePlay community.

We ask our users to verify themselves so that we can raise their spending limit! This policy is in place so that we can protect our users, as well as help establish you as a trusted member of ePlay's community.

To get started, head over to

On that first landing page, please click "Get Verified" to get started!

If you haven't spent money on ePlay just yet, you won't be able to get verified! We recommend you take one of our starter packages to get going. 😉

Once you're on the next screen, click "Start" to begin the verification process.

ePlay verification: the starter screen. Click "Start" to begin the process!

Passbase is the application that we use to verify your identity with ePlay.

Now, for preparation! We recommend that you find good lighting for this process, as poor lighting can prevent your camera from seeing all of the details on your identification. Keep in mind that you need a legal government ID to get verified: a state or country-issued ID, a drivers license, or a passport. We will not be able to accept any other forms of ID. Once you're prepared, click the box to agree to the terms of Passbase to proceed.

This is where you click to Agree - and then continue! You have to click the box to move forward.

Make sure you are in good lighting so that we can have a clear picture of both you and your photo ID.

Now, you have to allow Passbase to access either the camera on your browser, or the camera on your mobile device.

Click to Allow. 😁

If you're on a mobile device, you may need to allow access to your mobile device's camera. This will pop up differently depending on the type of device you're using (iPhone or Android).

Once you're verified, you'll be given a verified badge on ePlay, telling all streamers that you're a trusted member of the community.

Updated on: 01/20/2022

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