We have limits set in place to ensure that we can protect all of our users. Once you start spending a lot, you'll get an E-Mail from us about having hit your limit, but if you're having a hard time reaching that, you can follow the steps here.

We ask our users to verify themselves so that we can raise their spending limit! This is for their protection.

To get started, head over to my.eplay.com/get-verified.

If you head over to just my.eplay.com, this is where you need to click once you're logged in.

my.eplay is our back end for all users! You can also view your notification settings through this page, as well as see what you've uploaded for your profile and cover photo.

Click "Verify me" to head to the next step!

This is where you start your personal verification.

First, you need to agree to terms. Make sure the check box we indicated is marked before clicking to continue.

Make sure you are in good lighting so that we can have a picture of both you and your photo ID.

Now, to start your camera!

Make sure to click "ALLOW" for my.eplay to temporarily access your camera. This is only for the verification process!

If you're on a mobile device, you may need to allow access to your mobile device's camera. This will pop up differently depending on the type of device you're using (iPhone or Android).

After you get verified, you'll be confirmed and you'll be able to get through.

Thanks for getting verified for Eplay.com!

If you have any questions, please contact Eplay.com's customer support.

How do I contact Eplay's customer support?
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