We want you to be able to keep up with your favorite streamers!

All you have to do is go to their stream page and click “Follow!” Once you’re following, you’ll see “Following!”

This is the "Follow Me" button. When it's pink like that, you're not following them yet!

This is the "Following" button. Once it's white like this, you're following the streamer.
If you ever want to quickly change up your collection of streamers, please go to your drop down and “Following”!

Click "Following" to see who you're currently following.

Our following system works a little different on a mobile device.

Click into the streamer you'd like to follow, and click the + sign.
1. Click into the streamer you'd like, and then punch that + sign!

Click "Follow" to follow them.
2. Click "Follow" to follow them. It'll be pink until you follow them!

Once you're following them, you'll have the option to "Unfollow."
3. Once you're following someone, you'll have the option to "Unfollow."

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