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How does buying a streamer's social media work?

Want to connect with a streamer off of ePlay? We make it easy to access (or buy!) their social media handles.


Click on the type of social media you'd like.
If it's free, you don't have to spend any tokens - go ahead and drop them a follow there!
If it isn't free, you'll need to purchase their access.
Once it's purchased, you will receive an E-Mail with their social media handle.

This is a typical streamer's social page. 🐣

If you haven't received this E-Mail, check your spam! If you still don't have it, let us know - we'll look into it.


ePlay does not monitor the social media of our streamers.
If you negotiate payment with a streamer over social media, make sure you pay over ePlay so that you can receive what you paid for. ePlay cannot help if you choose to pay someone or make arrangements elsewhere, and then you don't receive what you paid for. Ensure that any and all transactions take place on
If you're not sure, you can always work out an arrangement with someone via private messaging.
How communication goes via social media is at the streamer's discretion.

Does ePlay have private messaging? How does it work?

Updated on: 09/28/2021

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